2013 Mongolian Wildlife - Argali

Out Of Stock 2013 Mongolian Wildlife - Argali

The Argali is the biggest wild sheep on earth. With the Argali, the prizewinning series Mongolian Wild Animals has found a worthy successor. The silver coin shows the Ovis ammon minted in a fantastic relief, adorned with two mocca SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS. 

The giant mountain sheep (Ovis ammon) lives in the Central Asian mountain range as well as Mongolia. The animal, which is a member of the bovid family, can reach a shoulder height of 130 cm and a weight of over 200 kilograms. The ram’s head alone, with its huge horns, accounts for 10 percent of its total bodyweight. The Argali is a gregarious animal which feeds solely on plants. 

Its natural enemies are leopards and wolves, although normally only females and weaker animals are attacked. An adult male Argali, with its impressive horns, can defend itself very well. The Argali are only defenceless when hunted by humans. They are shot by poachers and trophy hunters, which has brought these animals to the brink of extinction. Today individual subspecies are greatly endangered.

Coin Specifications
Series Name Mongolian Wildlife
Year 2013
Country Mongolia
Face Value 500 Togrog
Metal Silver
Weight 1oz
Fineness 0.999
Diameter 38.61mm
Finish Antique
Mintage 2,500
Mint CIT

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